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February 2, 2022
Rising electricity costs are driving commercial solar demand
Rising Electricity Costs Are Driving Commercial Solar Demand
May 17, 2022

Solar Is More Important Now Than Ever Facing Energy Uncertainty

Solar is more important than ever

Solar Is More Important Now Than Ever, Facing Energy Uncertainty

As current events change the geopolitical climate, sustainable technologies like commercial solar and energy storage systems are more important than ever before as they are key to drive change for global energy infrastructure as the world moves forward from fossil fuels. 

Regardless of inflation, energy costs will continue to rise around the world. As more businesses adopt sustainable sources of energy like commercial and agricultural solar they reduce demand and bring the overall cost of energy down.

Solar adoption is reaching new heights around the world, as the global industry is expected to reach the hefty milestone of installing one-thousand gigawatts of solar electricity. This first terawatt comes 70 years after the invention of the first primitive panels, while the world’s second terawatt is expected to come in less than four years.

Forward-thinking businesses equipped with commercial or agricultural solar are better prepared with increased cash flow and security against rising utility bills as rooftop, ground mount or carport systems can offset their electricity use.

Commercial & Agricultural Solar Return on Investment

As annual electricity savings quickly add up with available incentives and deferred electricity bills, the upfront system cost of commercial or agricultural solar is typically paid off in the first 3 – 5 years. Solar panels provide significant return on investment and increased utility independence for 25 – 30 years with minimal maintenance required. 

Battery energy storage systems offer unique competitive advantages like the ability to shave peak demand events, drastically reducing costly demand charges seen by businesses with spiking electricity demand.

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Businesses Protected Against Rising Electricity Costs

Revel Energy has helped many forward-thinking businesses protect themselves against rising electricity costs, accessing the potential within their facilities through sustainable technologies like commercial solar and energy storage systems. Our mission is to help California businesses generate revenue through dynamic energy solutions, working with our clients the whole way to ensure an optimal solution. 

Here are real life examples of confident clients, secure in their decision to go solar, these businesses have created significant savings and protected themselves from future increasing electricity costs:

Metal Component Manufacturer

This premier metal stamping and manufacturing facility saw significant growth in electricity bills as their operations grew. Constant electricity demand combined with heavy machinery drawing demand spikes incurred demand charges. 

Our experienced engineering team designed a system using over 2,500 commercial solar panels mounted to the roof and as carports to provide shade for employee vehicles.

Paired with a battery energy storage system for peak shaving high-demand events, the resulting system is 967.75 kW, offsetting a significant 94% electrical demand of the facility. 

Factoring in electricity rate growth, this system is expected to produce more than $10,000,000 of electricity over its lifetime, providing seriously positive cash flow for the business.

Commercial Office

This financial solutions provider is familiar with innovative outside-the-box thinking. Looking to take control of their rising electricity costs and show their commitment to sustainability, the commercial office sought out their own commercial solar system. 

Looking to display their commitment to a sustainable future, our team designed a 145 kW commercial carport system for their sunny parking lot using over 350 panels. Offsetting 70% of the building’s electricity demand, the system quickly generates positive cash flow, producing more than $1,800,000 of electricity over its lifetime.

Brilliantly on display along with buildings close to the north – this new installation completes the block, as solar canopies equipped to all of their northern neighbors show solidarity in the commitment to a sustainable future.

A Changing Energy Landscape Going Foward

Solar panel pricing has dropped 90% in just the last decade, as more have adopted the technology to take advantage of its benefits, more realize how lucrative those benefits are. Fossil fuel energy prices continue to and will always fluctuate – as the cost of oil, coal and natural gas are dependent not just on their varying uncontrolled sources, but demand as well. 

The allure of renewable energy technologies like solar, wind and hydro is that these sources are bountiful and sustainable. While not perfect solutions on their own, sustainable technology reduces reliance on expensive and limited fossil fuel and imported energy resources. 

The answer to how the world’s energy infrastructure looks in the future includes a diverse mix of environmentally-conscious solutions to be used by governments, businesses and individual people alike.

Contact us today to learn how your business can keep cash in the bank and evolve alongside the changing energy landscape with renewable & sustainable technologies like commercial, industrial or agricultural solar and energy storage systems.

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Commercial grade rooftop solar is ideal for: manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, industrial, retail, hospitality buildings and more with over 10,000 sq. ft. rooftops.

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Free standing carport solar generates added solar power for properties with limited rooftop space. Added benefits include shading and protection for employees vehicles.

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Crucial for reducing peak demand charges. Automated to supply electricity when your panels won’t. Energy storage is ideal for businesses that incur significant peak charges.

As the popularity of electric vehicles increase, so does the demand for on-site charging. This sustainable amenity has become a parking lot fixture for competitive employers.



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Client Testimonial: Kelemen Company

Corporate Business Park in Irvine, CA has created significant electricity cost savings through commercial solar installed across the 5-building business park.

Client Testimonial: Tice Gardner & Fujimoto LLP

See how this CPA firm saved on electricity and gained valuable tax credits through commercial solar that they used to keep cash in the businesses.






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