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Power Purchase Agreements Protect Businesses From Rising Electricity Bills

Power Purchase Agreements or PPA’s are a great method that California businesses are using to hedge against rising electricity prices while reducing carbon footprint without requiring any capital investment.

The solar PPA has become key to how many commercial businesses are accessing sustainable energy solutions like commercial solar. BloombergNEF recently reported in the 2023 sustainable energy in America factbook that financing options like traditional PPAs and virtual PPAs are surging in popularity, as the creative financing option allows businesses to pay for and install solar panels with their electricity bill savings.

This article is summed up in our PPA explainer video available here.

What is a Power Purchase Agreement?

A power purchase agreement (PPA) for commercial solar is a partnership in which a trusted partner like Revel Energy would install, own, and operate a system on a business’s property. That business agrees to purchase the electricity generated by the system at a fixed and predetermined escalation rate over the term of the PPA.

Instead of a capital expenditure to own a commercial solar system, the PPA allows businesses to use their already budgeted operational expenses to pay for their own sustainable energy source – reducing demand from their utility provider and keeping cash in the business.

This agreement protects businesses from a certain future of rising electricity costs by locking in a predetermined escalation rate, using solar generation to offset electricity bills to provide financial and operational flexibility. For example, since in the last three years electricity costs have risen by 30% to 50%, if a business facing these increases had a PPA to generate their own electricity, their fixed PPA escalation rate would increase by a minor amount instead.

Why Enter a Power Purchase Agreement with Revel Energy?

First and foremost, choosing a reputable commercial solar developer, with a strong portfolio of buildings similar to yours is crucial. Revel Energy’s portfolio is extensive and rich with commercial, industrial and agricultural solar projects. 

Equally as important, you need the ability to invest in solar to address rising electricity costs. A Revel Solar PPA makes it possible for businesses that want to incur zero out of pocket costs but still lower their electricity bills…

Our mission at Revel Energy is to create capital for California businesses through sustainability. Power purchase agreements are just one of many creative financing methods we use to further that mission, as we’ve completed projects for many other businesses with various property features and unique financial needs. Solar PPAs are built to be consistent and reliable investments for all stakeholders involved, ensuring the solution is truly sustainable for all parties.

All Revel Energy systems are installed by professional rooftop and carport solar installers. Most importantly, all rooftop systems are sealed off by licensed commercial roofers to retain rooftop warranties in place throughout the life of the roof. 

Leveraging our experience developing sustainable solutions for California businesses, signing a power purchase agreement with Revel Energy states our confidence in the success of a project – both in the long and short term.

Client Testimonial: Kelemen Company

Corporate Business Park in Irvine, CA has created significant electricity cost savings through commercial solar installed across the 5-building business park.

Client Testimonial: Tice Gardner & Fujimoto LLP

See how this CPA firm saved on electricity and gained valuable tax credits through commercial solar that they used to keep cash in the businesses.

Access Sustainable Savings Without Capital Investment with a Solar PPA

Solar power purchase agreements are ideal for any agricultural, commercial and industrial business that has received increasing electricity bills, but doesn’t have the capital to invest in solar for their property. 

Owners, operators and portfolio real estate firms like REITs with commercial and industrial buildings with increasing monthly electricity bills could be prime candidates to use a PPA to reduce their electricity bills, paid for by those operational expense savings. If your building meets the minimum requirements, Revel Energy will develop and install a custom commercial solar solution for that business while ensuring the cost of the system is covered by an accredited third party financier.

Throughout the 25-year life of the system, potential electricity costs are drastically reduced even as energy rates rise, the PPA financing rate only increases by a fixed rate each year. As we revealed in a case study for IOU customers, electricity rates have risen 30-50% over the last 3 years, even rising costs for municipal utility providers. Solar PPA solutions offer the benefit of  only increasing by a nominal amount each year. Power purchase agreements utilize a businesses operational expense savings from electricity bills to pay for the energy generated by an on-site commercial solar system.

The Revel Energy team of commercial and agricultural solar specialists offer turn-key solutions for California businesses to lower their electricity costs and increase cash flow. For an obligation-free comprehensive energy analysis for your business, contact Revel Energy today.

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Commercial grade rooftop solar is ideal for: manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, industrial, retail, hospitality buildings and more with over 10,000 sq. ft. rooftops.

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Free standing carport solar generates added solar power for properties with limited rooftop space. Added benefits include shading and protection for employees vehicles.

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Crucial for reducing peak demand charges. Automated to supply electricity when your panels won’t. Energy storage is ideal for businesses that incur significant peak charges.

As the popularity of electric vehicles increase, so does the demand for on-site charging. This sustainable amenity has become a parking lot fixture for competitive employers.



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