California Energy Report Card

May 14, 2019

This week the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) released their 2019 California Infrastructure Report Card. The Energy sector scored the lowest grade with D-. The ASCE highly recommends major infrastructure improvements for CA Energy.

What does this mean for Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural electricity customers? Major rate hikes and demand change increases are expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

Businesses will need to find other electricity options, like commercial grade solar and energy storage systems, to offset rising operating costs. Read more about this California mushroom grower, Hokto Kinoko, who lowered their energy bill by 60%. Click Here.

California Energy Report Card comments from 2019 California Infrastructure Report Card

California receives and generates energy through a variety of sources, primarily from natural gas, nuclear, and utility-scale solar and wind. Although under duress, California’s energy systems have generally met the needs of consumers. However, the threat of natural and anthropogenic stresses, including fires, seismic events, storms, and gas storage mishaps, as well as the elevated cost of service, threaten energy system sustainability. Aging equipment, inferior design, and poor right-of-way vegetation management have caused electrical and oil/gas infrastructure incidents and, in some cases, resulted in deadly wildfires. In another trend, the increased renewable energy contribution has had dramatic impacts on the overall capacity of the California electric grid. California now has a legislatively-mandated target of 100% clean energy by 2045, but the true cost of building infrastructure to support this goal is unknown. Meanwhile, natural gas continues to help meet peak electric and heating demands, but the state depends on in-state production and imports that requires extensive processing resulting in high pricing to the consumer.”

Download the whole report here. (Energy – pg. 39)

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