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October 22, 2019
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California Power Outages and Clarifying the Solutions

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California Power Outages and Clarifying the Solutions

Commercial solar developer, Revel Energy of Irvine CA, has seen a 50% uptick in prospective customers as California businesses look to add resiliency against rolling blackouts and unreliable electricity providers.

“The first step to energy independence installing commercial grade solar,” explains Alan Lee, CEO of Revel Energy. “Energy freedom and resilience are two big added benefits for our customers. The first and most compelling for them is the energy costs savings, something that is not a secret to California businesses.”

In their 2019 California Infrastructure Report Card the American Society of Civil Engineers reported earlier this year, “Aging equipment, inferior design, and poor right-of-way vegetation management have caused electrical and oil/gas infrastructure incidents and, in some cases, resulted in deadly wildfires.” California’s aged energy grid is a liability for all stakeholders.

Read more about the 2019 Infrastructure Report here

Revel Energy’s commercial solar and energy storage systems are the first line of defense against problematic blackouts. Doubling the energy storage as emergency power back up for your business can put an end to wasteful and costly outages.

How it works:

Commercial Solar and Energy Storage

Installing solar and producing your electricity takes a ton of strain off the grid, a root cause for PG&E’s current issues. The grid is simply too strained to produce and deliver all the electricity California businesses need. Added benefits include significant usage saving and demand charge reductions.

Emergency Power Backup

Most businesses are unable to operate off the grid. Traditional energy storage is not designed for emergency backup purposes. The system can, however, be designed with some extra engineering and sizing to serve this purpose. An energy storage system, when sized properly, can provide several hours of emergency backup power in the event of an outage.


California’s outdated grid is not an overnight fix. It is estimated, PG&E has 25,000 miles of power lines alone they need to address. The fastest and most reliable fix for this issue is gaining more energy independence and that starts with commercial solar and energy storage.

Revel is on a mission. Dedicated to renewable energy solutions since 2009, Revel Energy was formed to provide Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural businesses with alternative energy beyond solar. Revel stands out from the competition by paying attention to what makes good business sense to each individual client, implementing a wider range of technologies to free up capital and make businesses sustainable and more profitable. CSLB #1038433






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