Furniture Retailer Gains Competitive Edge with Commercial Solar

August 7, 2019


Mor Furniture in San Diego, CA installed a 269 kW commercial solar system at its San Diego HQ making it their second location to go green with Revel Energy. The new commercial solar pairs well with the new fluid applied “cool roof” creating added cost savings.

The retail furniture industry is competitive. Each brand and location competing for customers interested in finding “the best deal.” Markets like this make cost-cutting crucial for any business to thrive. Mor Furniture is using commercial solar to gain a competitive advantage over its competition.

The 269.09 kW commercial grade system will produce an average 423,000 kWh annually lowering Mor Furniture’s operating costs and carbon footprint. The marketability of a green energy system provides added value for the brand as they maintain their corporate image.

A total of 758 commercial grade 355 W solar panels were installed by Revel Energy of Irvine CA. Revel is a local commercial solar contractor specialized in C&I spaces. “Mor Furniture had very specific goals with its second system,” explains Ken Fournier, marketing manager of Revel Energy. “Their first system set expectations high for the San Diego location. Our team of commercial specialists were able to custom tailor a system that would meet performance expectations.”

A fluid applied “cool roof” was installed to meet Title 24 regulations for added energy savings. Cool roofs and solar panels complement each other to create a more comprehensive energy saving system. To learn more about their symbiotic relationship click here.

As the cost of electricity continues to rise, it becomes more crucial for businesses like Mor to find alternatives from the status quo. Renewable energies like commercial grade solar are effective methods for lowering usage costs. Adding technology like energy storage cuts extra items like demand charges which makes up a significant portion of energy bills.

Revel is on a mission. Dedicated to renewable energy solutions since 2009, Revel Energy was formed to provide Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural businesses with alternative energy beyond solar. Revel stands out from the competition by paying attention to what makes good business sense to each individual client, implementing a wider range of technologies to free up capital and make businesses sustainable and more profitable. CSLB #1038433

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