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Renewable Energy is the Future.

Welcome to Revel Energy: we are a company of experienced and professional commercial utility brokers offering Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego businesses the opportunity to invest in and implement renewable energy solutions in order to free more capital.

We are one of the highest-regarded commercial solar companies in California. But our expertise is not limited to solar. We are proud to provide Industrial and Commercial facilities with a range of creative energy solutions, including energy storage, LED, co-generation, demand control, carports and roofing, and solar. Revel also goes the extra mile by providing flexible financing solutions – for a majority of clients, this means no upfront costs and instant positive cash flow.

As a commercial energy broker, we are committed to identifying and helping businesses implement the right options from a wide array of technologies. We not only make your business more sustainable but also free up capital by reducing your utility bills so that you are more profitable and more competitive in our modern economy.

Conversion to solar power and other renewable energy sources benefits your business enormously, as it does the economy, the health of your local area, and ultimately the climate. With your conversion to renewable energy:

  • Pay fewer or no power utility bills – you could use this free capital to grow your business!
  • Produce few or no global warming emissions
  • Improve the local environment
  • Create a reliable, consistent power supply
  • Improve your public health record
  • Create jobs for the future
  • Say goodbye to reliance on limited, environmentally-harmful fossil fuels

Investing in renewable energy solutions is a win-win for California businesses. Modern consumers place very high value on businesses they can trust to be environmentally-friendly. With the dynamic and innovative energy solutions offered by Revel Energy, you can create capital through sustainability as well as generating revenue to positively impact your bottom line, while building your reputation and growing your business.

From commercial solar installation to groundbreaking energy storage systems and other solutions, contact us at Revel Energy today. We recognize each client’s unique requirements and we customize solutions to suit your individual needs.